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Master Pro DMX

Alle Wired DMX

Expert system
Ideal for architectural lighting that requires the advantages of dynamic movement and colour in a practical and easy-to-configure system. The Expert system offers up to 512 or 1024 channels that can be shared between DMX, DALI (max. 64 addresses) and a couple of digital inputs for triggers and output relay contacts. The Expert controller can also manage the SPI gateway of the Underscore Pixel system (max. 21 m-1008 channels).
A 5″ touchscreen, the Expert Touch, is also available, and completes the range with two accessories: Expert Repeat, a convenient DMX splitter for distributing outputs, and Expert Switch for PoE networking.

To manage the system from the cloud 24/7, from any device and any location, and for the system configuration please contact iGuzzini.
Master Pro DMX

Designer system
Designer systems provide dynamic lighting control for everything from a simple indoor lighting installation to the façade lighting of a whole city, including both coloured and white lighting. The easy-to-use and adaptable controls give you the power and flexibility to meet the needs of your project. DMX, DALI, Art-Net controls are available for iGuzzini SPI gateways, as well as various audio and video input modules to complete the interaction with the system. User interface is possible through color touch panels and push-button panels. Unlimited number of channels/addresses.

To manage the system from the cloud 24/7, from any device and any location, and for the system configuration please contact iGuzzini.

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Master Pro DMX

Produkt Details

  • Easy-to-install and easy-to-program dynamic architectural lighting solution | Expert system.
  • Flexible, versatile and powerful dynamic architectural lighting solution | Designer system.
  • Supports DMX-RDM, Art-Net, DALI and SPI protocols (with iGuzzini gateway).
  • Reliable hardware designed to work 24/7.
  • Touch panels and control panels for local management available.
  • Upgradeable over Ethernet. Different types of inputs can be managed, audio, video, text (Designer solution)
  • Maximum number of DMX channels:
    • Expert: 512 or 1024 ch DMX (1 or 2 universes) - 64 DALI addresses.
    • Designer: unlimited, depending on components added.
  • Cloud solutions available for remote management, scheduling and monitoring.
  • To manage the system from the cloud 24/7 and for the component selection, please contact iGuzzini or your local sales representative.

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  • 00 Neutral
  • 01 Weiß
  • 04 Schwarz

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