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St. Petersburg

  • Location

    St Petersburg, Russia
  • Lichtlösung

    Piero Castiglioni
  • Photographer: Gabriele Basilico
  • Anwendungsgebiete

  • Jahr


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The Cathedral of Resurrection

The new iGuzzini-sponsored Lighting for Places of Worship system designed by Architect Piero Castiglioni for the Church of the Resurrection in St Petersburg highlights the imposing Russian-Byzantine style architecture of the building, as well as underscoring the dramatic event that the cathedral itself commemorates: the assassination of 1st March 1881, in which Tzar Alexander II lost his life.

St. Petersburg

For this reason, it is also known as the Church of St Saviour on Spilled Blood. Castiglioni’s intervention has been near perfect as he was able to achieve one of the most imperative goals in lighting for  places of worship; accentuating with light the vital elements of the building and its urban location in a manner that supports its historical, social and artistic value. A building unique in St Petersburg, it is clad in coloured mosaic and surmounted by splendid onion domes, recalling the Cathedral of St Basil the Blessed in Moscow. Castiglioni’s project is based on replacing the light sources utilized hitherto, and increasing the number of fixtures installed. The new system utilizes metal halide light sources emitting warm white hues, with a high colour rendering index and lower power output than the optical assemblies installed previously. The lighting system designed by Castiglioni also envisages the use of various iGuzzini luminaires both mounted on poles and attached directly to the building. Using these different appliances in combination, it becomes possible to obtain a general illumination of the façade surfaces with an appreciable uniformity of lighting values and maximum control over cast shadows. MaxiWoody spots with reeded glass optic installed on poles or positioned at roof level on the buildings facing the Griboedov canal radiate elliptical light beams overlapping one with the next to throw a uniform light on the façades.


Products Used: