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Since 1973 compliance with safety standards and with the most stringent international rules has been at the centre of our work.

The Photometric laboratory has led to important certifications. The Standard Laboratory has been certified by ENEC/UL, amongst the first in Europe, and by CQC (China Quality Certification Centre) according to the WMT IECEE procedure (Worldwide System for Conformity Testing and Certification of Electro-technical Equipment and Components) for the issuing of the CCC mark (China Compulsory Certification) in compliance with IEC standards. This is a prestigious result because we were the first private laboratory of a non-Chinese company to obtain such recognition and also the first lighting manufacturer.

The WMT and CTDP certifications prove that the laboratory operates in compliance with international quality standards of test laboratories (ISO IEC 17025) and can independently carry out tests to evaluate the compliance of products with the applicable standards anywhere in the world.

This allows third-party institutes to grant their approval brands based on the tests carried out in the company. The recognition and positive reputation of our brand are a guarantee of reliability, safety and performance.

Company Certifications (Recanati Headquarters)

1994 Quality Certification ISO 9001
2008 Environmental Certification ISO 14001.
2014 Energy Management ISO 50001.

Product Certifications

since 1976 all products have been awarded the IMQ mark
since 1996 all products have been awarded the ENEC mark
since 2004 all products have been awarded the CCC mark

Safety Certifications

1992 IMQ certification/S.M.T. procedure for granting of IMQ and ENEC marks (also with DEMKO/UL)
2004 UL (Underwriters Laboratories) certification for granting of UL mark
2011 CQCC (China Quality Certification Center) certification for granting of CCC (China Compulsory Certification) mark.

Photometric Certification

1997 IMQ certification for granting of IMQ Performance mark - certification of photometric data and energy efficiency
2011 UL certification to operate in compliance with the standard LM79 - certification of photometric data and energy efficiency