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Grin bollard

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Grin bollard

Lighting Effects

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Product Details

  • Outdoor lighting system with direct light. Can be installed on the ground and is intended for use with linear LED sources and general lighting optics.
  • The product comprises an optical compartment with LED circuit, the lamp compartment in extruded aluminium, steel base strip, two front covers in extruded aluminium and the top cover in steel sheet.
  • The interior of the lamp compartment has two stainless steel rods secured to the base strip that ensure high impact resistance for the product.
  • The product is anchored to the ground by a steel mounting base strip.
  • The LED circuit (length L = 1004mm) is powered at 24Vdc (power supply to be ordered separately) and is completely encapsulated (IP68) with a very high performance polymer sheath, which allows use and installation even at extreme temperatures (-30 °C at + 45 °C).
  • The opal coloured light emitting surface allows uniform, spot-free lighting through to the ends.
  • The product is fitted, on both ends of the lamp compartment, with a cable (L = 80mm) with male connectors and an IP68 female connector with an anti-release lock nut The luminaire is enclosed at the top by a sheet metal cover.
  • The external parts undergo multi-step pre-treatment: the main stages are degreasing, fluoro-zircon protective surface coating and sealing (nano-structured silane layer).
  • The subsequent painting stage involves primer and liquid acrylic paint cured at 150 °C to ensure high resistance to atmospheric agents and UV rays.
  • The luminaire is secured on the ground/floor using anchor pads (on floors) or by a base strip and counter-plate with Dakromet-coated split bars with passivation surface treatment to ensure even better corrosion resistance (can be ordered separately).
  • All external screws used are in A2 stainless steel.

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