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Arup Group Office Belfast

About Project

For its new headquarters in Belfast, the Arup Group has purchased an entire floor of Bedford House, a prestigious building in the city centre. To be more precise, the owner did not simply sell an empty space, but rather offered Arup the opportunity to create a made-to-measure space, specifically designed and fitted out to meet its own requirements. The lighting system has been created with particular care as lighting is one of the design services provided by Arup and its offices are therefore an example of its own planning and design skills. The environment's bright and lively atmosphere has been created by Chroma Lighting in close collaboration with Arup Engineers, Jan Madill, the architect with whom the owner of the building has a long-standing relationship and the Dowds Group (Electrical Contractors). Most of the offices are lit with modular 600mm recessed luminaires that provide the general lighting. In certain common areas decorative pendant luminaires have been installed, whereas the coffee break zones are lit with Deep Laser recessed luminaires. Underscore and Laser Blade systems have been used for the meeting rooms whereas the linear devices used for general lighting have been inserted between the wooden slats that decorate the area in which the Group's construction services are presented, as this is a particularly important aspect of Arup's work. Another meticulously designed detail is the way Underscore aluminium tracks have been inserted between slats of wood of the same width for the ceilings in certain transit areas. Underscore devices have also been fitted in other transit zones with concrete ceilings. Thanks to these solutions Arup employees are able to show off a wide range of their design solutions.

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  • Year:
  • Client:
    Arup Group
  • Architectural project:
    Jan Madill
  • Lighting project:
    Arup Engineers - Consultancy: Lloyd Crawford, Chroma Lighting (NI)
  • Electrical Contractors:
    Dowds Group
  • Photographer:
    Courtesy of Lloyd Crawford, Chroma Lighting (NI)

Products Used:

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