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Ecce Homo. From Marino Marini to Mimmo Paladino

About Project

Ecce Homo is the title of a collective exhibition of over forty works, held in the Ancona port old infirmary complex that focused on figure sculpture in Italian art from the Second World War onwards. The exhibition was open to the public from 28th October 2016 to 7th May 2017. The layout of the exhibition covered 1500 m2 of the Magazzino Tabacchi (Tobacco Warehouse), a building that, as its name suggests, was last used to store tobacco when the jetty still belonged to the state. The event was deliberately staged to offer visitors an experience that included both the ethereal solidity of the sculptures and the beauty of Vanvitelli's austere architecture. The stated aim of curator, Flavio Arensi, was to bring together a selection of contemporary Italian sculptors who explore the human condition rather than simply depicting the human form. Andrea Mangialardo's layout was designed accordingly to encourage the public to wander freely between these contemporary works sculpted by artists ranging from Marino Marini to Mimmo Paladino, and including local sculptors, Enzo Cucchi and Valeriano Trubbiani. The result was a remarkably homogeneous selection of works, despite their considerable differences in size, colour, material and technique. The works ranged from traditional stone sculptures, like Fausto Melotti's The Dispute between Athena's Seven Sages, Mimmo Paladino's terracotta Sleepers, Giacomo Manzù's bronze Thebes lying in an oval position and Lucio Fontana's ceramic Head of a woman to experimental, multi-material solutions, such as Valeriano Trubbiani's Death of the Seasons and Ractus Ractus or Donato Piccolo's Nothing from Everything and Everything from Nothing but if Everything does not come from Nothing then Everything is Nothing. These different styles and materials were deliberately organised to disorientate the visitor with a maze of art combining mystery, concern and surprise within a narrative thread of progressive themes and references. These different styles and materials were organised to stun, disorientate and mystify the visitor with a maze of art constructed within a narrative thread of progressive themes and references.

Naturally, such an ambitious exhibition required a unique lighting system that was designed using  dimmable Palco luminaires. These devices were selected for their high degree of adaptability and their capacity to enhance a sense of aesthetic uniformity. The system's immense versatility derived from the track installation of the spotlights and the vast range of accessories available, which offered flexible highlighting and specific light effects for each individual artwork. The decision to use a warm colour temperature and a high colour rendering index also added to the exhibition's emotional dynamic by highlighting the different materials displayed and emphasizing the deliberately rough finish of the hollow brick backdrops and the timeworn surfaces of the architecture.

The exhibition was organised and managed by Civita Mostre, the Mole Vanvitelliana Foundation, the Omero Tactile Museum, CoopCulture and OPERA, the Social Cooperative NGO. It was staged thanks to the sponsorship and contribution of the Marches Regional Authorities, the Domus Foundation, the Marches Culture Foundation and the University of the Marches.

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  • Year:
  • Client:
    Municipality of Ancona, Cariverona Foundation
  • Architectural project:
    Andrea Mangialardo – layout
  • Lighting project:
    Andrea Mangialardo
  • Photographer:
    Cristian Fattinnanzi

Products Used:

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