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Le Millénaire Restaurant

About Project

Just a stone’s throw from the cathedral, the "Le Millénaire" restaurant has been fully refurbished to welcome its guests to a warm, contemporary atmosphere.

“Le Millénaire” is located in the historic heart of the city of Reims. Its new décor is the work of Reims-based architect Giovanni Pace. Wood and champagne tones harmoniously enrich the two floors of this, one of the best restaurants in the city of Reims.

The survey highlighted a restriction issue with the ceiling height, which is both generous in terms of its full double height and yet fairly compact in the spaces above and below the mezzanine.

Architect Giovanni Pace says of the project: "We couldn’t hide the posts and beams, so we decided to show them off and make them a feature using the stripes design to create a harmonious meshwork surrounding the space. The stripes thus became our "Ariadne’s thread" when it came to imagining the concept for this arrangement. So we worked with the stripes, the light fixtures, the folds in the fabric, the posts and beams and the glass edges. Moreover, the numerous glass walls and barriers emphasise this stripe element, which extends into transparency or reflections, thus creating new perspectives beyond the physical limits of the space. We imagined an interior made of healthy, environmentally friendly materials.

We wanted to provide an ambience that was timeless, natural, contemporary, calm, muted and intimate."

The IN30 recessed luminaires, fitted in continuous lines, were chosen for three reasons:
- Aesthetics: they contribute to the composition and harmony of the space by creating stripes. Their reflection in the glass walls accentuates this style choice. 
- Spatial: they are recessed within the walls and ceiling to expose and highlight the larger dimensions of the space. Here, we are surrounded by light positioned as far away as possible, around the perimeter of the enclosure.
- Homogeneity: they enabled us to provide all-round, uniform lighting, with no shadows and no zoning.

However, intensity can be varied using the iGuzzini Master Pro control system. Different atmospheres are created at lunchtime and in the evening.

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  • Year:
  • Client:
    Laurent Laplaige
  • Architectural project:
    Giovanni Pace
  • Photographer:
    Daniel Rapaich

Project Quote

"Our agency is proud of managing such an achievement in just three weeks, but it is thanks to the confidence placed in us by Laurent Laplaige and his team, the participation and commitment of my collaborators, but also the involvement and professionalism of the companies who enabled us to complete this place that is "simply extra-ordinary" in terms of its cuisine and its setting."

Giovanni Pace, architect

Products Used:

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