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Office building in Rue de Colisée

This building was originally built at the end of the nineteenth century, inspired by the work of engineer Gustave Eiffel. Back then the area being renovated today was used for garaging horse drawn vehicles and for stables.

Usually, in this type of structure the coachmen and grooms lived on the first floor, above the horses. A ramp allowed the horses access up to their mezzanine. Of course, soon after the building went up the «hanging stables» were covered with a glass canopy to protect the horses. The ground floor and mezzanine were closed off with grey aluminium-profile frames and glass in the early ‘60s and then in 1988. The current project for renovation of the building located close to the Champs Élysées preserves the initial spirit of the complex by using the original architectural style. A rock garden was created in the courtyard, inspired by Japanese gardens and with a natural wood access walkway and a small pond. The wall opposite the main facade was covered by a vertical garden around 8 metres high. This space is accessed through a private atrium, exclusively for use by residents. The entrance is lit with Cup luminaires. The building’s floors are very similar and have open space office areas, equipped and air- conditioned as well as all service areas, from toilets to technical areas, to connecting zones. Different lighting levels were provided for each of these areas: from 150 lux for technical rooms and corridors, to 400 lux for offices and the entrance hall. Glim Cube luminaires were used with a special paint to make them blend in and to help camouflage them. The garden also uses Miniwoody floodlights to emphasise some zones and plants, plus Light Up-Garden luminaires. Paths are lit with Ledplus luminaires fitted on the wood. In the office environments Wideplus recessed luminaires, pendant Light air luminaires and Easy system luminaires are used. Some ceiling-mounted iRolls feature in the first floor meeting rooms. Halls and landings are lit with adjustable recessed LED Tecnica Pro luminaires.

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  • Year
  • Client
    Private group
  • Architectural project:
    Jean-Michel de Poulpiquet (ARCAD)
  • Photographer
    Didier Boy De La Tour