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SH HOME - Room and Breakfast

About Project

A factory building, originally constructed in the 1990s, in the industrial area of Palma Campania near Naples, has recently been transformed into a residential structure. This is the SH Home "room & breakfast" residence that takes its name from the initials of the fashion brand Silvian Heach. The building's regeneration consists of three floors above ground ad one floor below it, and its facades and interiors have been completely renovated. The two main elevations are punctuated by horizontal lines created by series of wooden strips that form parapets, brise-soleils and partitions between the rooms. These lines intersect with the directrices of vertical light created by the iPro Micro up&down luminaires positioned at the sides of the bedroom glass doors.

The "room & breakfast" structure is located on the third floor of the building. A communal area leads onto the bedrooms and this is lit by a combination of natural light that floods in through a  skylight and recessed Deep Minimal spotlights. The bedrooms offer every comfort and service. Ambient lighting is provided by Ledstrips  hidden in grooves in the walls whereas two wall-mounted Trick luminaires act as bedside reading lights that also highlight the jute cloth coverings thanks to their grazing beam effect.
The rooms have a number of other distinctive elements, such as blow-up shots from the brand's famous advertising campaigns, taken by prestigious photographers such as Terry Richardson, David Burton and Giampaolo Sgura. The overall idea is to create a fashion gallery featuring all the unconventional images that have distinguished the Silvian Heach brand.
The various entrances to the building seem to float in space as they are lit by Ledstrips hidden under the flower boxes. The lighting system, designed by the STUDIO Architetti Associati Granagnello Caliendo plays a major role in making this building a gem of architecture and design. 

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  • Year:
  • Client:
    Silvian Heach
  • Architectural project:
    STUDIO Architetti Associati Gragnaniello-Caliendo
  • Photographer:
    Advertage Lab

Products Used:

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