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The Ksenia Security Headquarters


About Project

Ksenia Security, the home automation and anti-intrusion specialist that is well-known and highly acclaimed throughout Europe has recently chosen to set up its new headquarters in Ripatransone, one of the oldest villages in the Ascoli Piceno province of the Marches region. At the express request of the company CEO Raffaele Di Crosta, the design of the new headquarters, created by the architects, Valentina Schiavi and Emanuele Colletta, seeks to express in architecture the company’s mission to combine tradition and innovation. This goal has been achieved by integrating modern eco-sustainable solutions with the traditional building materials used in the Marches.

The design features large linear warehouses, flanked by three separate office buildings, whose pitched roofs are clad with typical local roof tiles, and whose rooms are lit by pendant iPlan Access luminaires. Next to these buildings, there is also a modern telescope-like construction whose extended cantilever forms a huge canopy over the double-height entrance. This space houses classrooms for in-house training, the company canteen and other functional spaces. At night, the building’s covered patio is animated by a series of perfect light circles projected by Laser Blade InOut luminaires that are particularly evocative when seen from an elevated position. In the hall located in this building, its double-height is emphasized by Le Perroquet pendant luminaires.

The classroom is located on the first floor, where a lighting system has been created that integrates the natural light that floods in from the large windows. In this system, Laser Blade 5-cell luminaires with a wide flood optic offer diffuse lighting with a warm colour temperature. This building also houses a relaxation area with ceiling-mounted iPlan Access luminaires and a meeting room where the shape of the table is mirrored on the ceiling by IN30 luminaires.

A two-storey glazed corridor structure connects the three office blocks with the hall. All the façades have ample glazed windows, whose frames create vertical incisions in the constructions, starting from ground level and continuing right up into the roof. Externally, this creates a perfect combination between the formal purity of the white buildings, the transparent surfaces of the windows and the weathered steel. At night, the outdoor area is lit by pole-mounted Platea Pro luminaires and 3 stake-mounted Palco inOut projectors that shine a cone of light on the blind façades of the office buildings. The entire complex is built on a photocatalytic reinforced concrete platform that also purifies the air by absorbing pollution and carbon dioxide and transforming them into oxygen. And to make the design even more environmentally friendly, a photovoltaic system has been installed on the warehouse roof with a peak capacity of 45 KW that is enough to meet the energy requirements of the entire Company.

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  • Year:
  • Client:
    ksenia security srl
  • Architectural project:
    Valentina Schiavi and Emanuele Colletta
  • Photographer:
    Maurizio Paradisi
    Mario Silvestrone

Products Used:

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