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The Latest Recipe Restaurant - Le Meridien

About Project

The Tourist Club area in Abu Dhabi is a popular district located in close proximity to the city’s business centre, the various shopping malls, exhibition centres and the old town area. It is the perfect place to find a relaxing, luxurious resort that can offer peace and quiet, luxury and  nature, just a few minutes from the city’s hustle and bustle. This is exactly what Le Meridien  Resort Hotel has to offer its numerous guests: a private beach, a garden and its own spa, right  in the heart of this busy city.  The hotel boasts a wide range of restaurants to suit all tastes, including Indian, Greek, Thai and Italian cuisines… The famous restaurant ‘The Latest Recipe’ opened in 2014 after a 5-month redevelopment. It is open all day and offers innovative and traditional western and eastern European cuisine in a style that is both modern and classic.
The restaurant has an elongated layout that includes five interactive cooking areas, designed to whisk guests away on a culinary journey through the latest trends in world cuisine, giving a modern interpretation of dishes from all over the world. The kind of experience that the restaurant intends to offer is perfectly reflected by the interior design and the style of the place which is minimalist, intimate, fresh and contemporary, lively  and entertaining.  PLD, the studio entrusted with the restaurant’s lighting design, was asked to create an atmosphere of dynamic and lively light without using conventional and invasive downlights. The lighting design adopted is therefore characterised by artificial skylights above the open kitchens  and dining areas, where a DXM control system was used to manage RGB devices that create  dynamic sky effects such as moving clouds, sunsets, etc.
To balance these spectacular effects, the architectural lighting needed to be discreet, elegant and capable of blending in with the restaurant’s architectural features.  To meet these design requirements, the lighting designers chose iGuzzini products and based  their scheme on two luminaires in particular: Laser Blade and iN30. This choice made it possible  to create a lively atmosphere where the lighting is fully integrated, continuously incorporating  itself in the white plaster ceilings, wooden fittings and skylights. Using iGuzzini luminaires also meant the lack of unpleasant glare. To highlight the colour, quality and richness of the various  types of food on display in the different cooking areas, the lighting needed to eliminate glare  completely and to display the true aspect of the dishes. This has been achieved through the colour temperature and colour rendering of the products that illuminate the food in a way that is  both fresh and exciting. Thanks to their extremely high CRI (the unit of measure that quantifies the capacity of a light source to saturate colours), Laser Blade luminaires guarantee  incomparable colour rendering even when warm tones are used.

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  • Year:
  • Client:
    Starwood & Resorts Worldwide
  • Lighting project:
    PLD - Project Lighting Design
  • Interior design:
    SilverFox Studios
  • Photographer:
    Niall Clutton

Products Used:

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