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The Madonna delle Grazie parish complex

About Project

The architectural composition of the parish complex is based on the combination of two basic shapes: the circle and the rectangle. The church is built in the shape of a circle, an expression of geometric perfection, as this is where the Eucharist is celebrated, while the area that includes the central cloisters forms a rectangular base block. The part of the church with two different heights is located at the centre of this composition. The base block, on the other hand, runs the entire length of the complex in an East-West direction and features distinctively structured facades containing elements made of iron-coloured concrete. This colour deliberately recalls the bricks used in many farm buildings in the lowland region south of Milan to filter the incoming sunlight. The church is built around a layout of two concentric circles. The inner circle is where services are held and features a series of pews that converge on the presbytery.

The natural light flows in through the outer circle towards the nave, mapping out a ring around the inner circle. Wall-mounted iRoll luminaires and Cestello floodlights have been installed high up along the perimeters of both the inner and outer circles. At night, the luminaires reproduce the same downlight effect as the natural sunlight during the day. Pole-mounted Platea luminaires have also been installed outside the parish area.

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  • Year:
  • Client:
    Italian Episcopal Conference - Diocese of Lodi
  • Architectural project:
    Corvino e Multari
  • Photographer:
    Studio F64 Paolo Cappelli & Maurizio Criscuolo

Project Quote

"The experience of building the Church of Dresano was a collective sharing process, which has given clarity, typological recognition and an ethical dimension to the project, fueling and cultivating that doubt, which is inherent to the pure desire for invention."

Giovanni Multari/Corvino + Multari

Products Used:

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