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The new Bros Manifatture headquarters

The architectural design concept for the new headquarters of Bros Manifatture, the company that owns the Brosway, S'Agapò, Rosato and Pianegonda jewellery brands, starts from a regular layout that is embellished with curved lines that characterise its most distinctive architectural elements, like its cantilever roof and internal courtyard.  
Its work and distribution areas are organised in an alternation of indoor and outdoor spaces, thanks to large glass partitions and an extremely fluid architectural design. These characteristics limit the use of artificial light and are the direct result of choosing sustainability as a basic design principle.  
The external walls are insulated and made of low emissivity glass, and direct fossil fuel-powered systems have been avoided, thanks to a 220 kW photovoltaic system installed on the roof. 

In terms of illumination, the greatest challenge was to find a combination of natural and artificial light. The building is full of natural light as it consists predominantly of glass walls. In fact, in some seasons, the interiors are illuminated with natural light for almost the entire working day (9 am - 6 pm), a feature that is greatly appreciated by the people using these spaces. 

To further reduce energy consumption, the lighting is managed by a DALI protocol control system that covers all the luminaires and sensors, and was supplied by the company that carried out the installation. The sensors monitor presence and integrate natural and artificial light by activating the luminaires only when they are needed. 

Two types of luminaire have been used for the building's interiors. These were chosen to suit the architectural characteristics of the two main types of environments, i.e. the offices and the connecting areas, like the corridors, which are not separate, but exist in a continuous flow. 

In the corridors with false ceilings, recessed, 5-cell Laser Blades have been used with Wide Flood optics and a colour temperature of 3000 K. In areas where desks and computer screens are used, pendant iN60 luminaires with MMO optics and a downward emission have been installed. The fact that the light lines of both the Laser Blade and IN60 luminaires are at the same height, reinforces the sense of continuity between the various environments.  

This level of cohesion is also evident in the reception area, even if the dimensions change. Here, Laser Blade luminaires have again been used with pendant linear IN30 luminaires for the desk area. The conference room, on the other hand, features only 5-cell Laser Blades, which in this case have a colour temperature of 4000 K to emphasise the contrast between the optical white of the architecture and the dark colour of the seats, technical equipment and screens. 

Another carefully designed aspect of the building’s lighting system is its distinctive lantern effect that illuminates the interior patio area, and therefore eliminates the need for further luminaires. Lastly, the cantilever roof is illuminated from below by recessed Linealuce luminaires that increase its sense of weightlessness. 

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  • Year
  • Client
    Bros Manifatture
  • Architectural project:
    Stefano Sagripanti
  • Works Director:
    Valerio Finucci
    Stefano Sagripanti
  • Systems:
    IME-Loris Ercoli
  • Photographer
    Studio Buschi