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The Wargaming offices


About Project

Founded in 1998, the Belarusian company Wargaming is one of the largest video game manufacturers in the world with 4500 employees in over 20 different branches located right across the globe from the Far East, to Russia and the Mediterranean.

At the company’s headquarters in Nicosia, Cyprus, iGuzzini worked together with Lighting Designer George Tellos to perfect a lighting system that would improve the visual-being of people who work for long periods in front of a computer screen as eight hour work shifts cover the entire day. One aspect that was studied with particular care was the system’s reactivity to changes in the external light conditions.

The main requirement, in fact, was to develop a colour temperature variable lighting system using luminaires with a minimum visual impact. The result is a series of subtle light lines that cross the ceiling combined with 3 or 5-cell recessed Laser Blade luminaires located discreetly at certain key points.

The light lines are created using iN30 luminaires with 1200 and 2400 mm long standard profiles in a specially designed Tunable White system that provides the flexibility requested by the lighting designer as it shifts slowly from 5500 K during the day to 3500 K at night.

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  • Year:
  • Client:
    Wargaming Corporation
  • Architectural project:
    Zenonos and Associates
  • Lighting project:
    George Tellos
  • Photographer:
    Maria Efthymiou

Project Quote

"I particularly appreciated the flexibility and willingness shown by the iGuzzini technical department in helping me achieve the dynamic lighting results I wanted."

George Tellos

Products Used:

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