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Underscore InOut Pixel Top Bend 16mm

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Product Details

  • Linear lighting fixture with RGBW LEDs (4000K CRI 80 white LEDs).
  • Surface installation with profiles (straight lines) or clips (curved lines).
  • Implemented on a 24Vdc white flexible circuit with lengths from 337 mm to 7004 mm (10 lengths available).
  • The LED strip can be controlled via the SPI protocol, with addressing every 83.3mm (pixel pitch).
  • The LED circuit is fully IP68 encapsulated with a very high performance white (external) and opal (emitting surface) polymer sheath: the material can be used and installed even at extreme temperatures -30 °C +45 °C.
  • Uniform lighting without visible points is assured along the entire profile of the strip as far as the terminal parts.
  • Complete with L = 80 mm cables plus male (input cable) and female (output cable) connectors for unidirectional connection, IP68, equipped with anti-release ring nut.
  • Complete with stainless steel wires to limit plastic deformation of the body that may otherwise damage the LED circuit.
  • Resistant to brine, UV rays and solvents.
  • IK10 impact resistance.
  • Contact temperature <40°.
  • IP68 protection for product and cable alike using IP68 connectors.
  • The product is not considered suitable for installation in swimming pools and fountains.

Colours available for Underscore InOut Pixel Top Bend 16mm

  • 01 White

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Underscore InOut Pixel Top Bend 16mm

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