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Lighting knowledge meets living atmospheres  

iGuzzini Living is a collection that skilfully draws on iGuzzini’s heritage of design, culture, research and engineering experimentation, bringing it together in places of contemporary living. It is dedicated to exploring new ways of interpreting and utilizing spaces within the home, office and hospitality settings. It is a project about the close relationship between the well-being of people and the environment, beauty and technology.

New finishes, dimensions, accessories and
application possibilities
make the iGuzzini Living solutions
suitable for living spaces where proximity, well-being,
warmth, and originality, as well as material
and visual richness are critical.

iGuzzini Living brings professional lighting into living
and hospitality settings. The design work aims to revolutionise
the concept of light by incorporating visual comfort
and innovative optics
into every public or private living scenario.
We produce light through patents and innovations in optics
and technology that enhance lighting and energy efficiency
in every possible way. Apart from the iGuzzini Echoes re-editions
from iGuzzini’s historical archive, all iGuzzini Living products
are Intelligent Light Solutions ready.

The iGuzzini Living collection is the result of a design
reflection on products intended for domestic spaces.
It interprets the increasingly marked trend
of a fluid contamination within the
home, hospitality and office environments.

  Kinnear 18
Shanghai, China
Kinnear 18

  F+T+3 House
Mogliano Veneto, Italy

  Private residence in Manly
Sydney, Australia

  Explore the vast range of professional products that integrate
seamlessly into various domestic and hospitality environments.

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