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Light Up Orbit - body in stainless steel / all glass flush mounted

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Light Up Orbit

Light Up Orbit

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Elegance is found in the details and the new flush version offer an aesthetic solution ensuring maximum integration with architecture. Miniaturized and solid. Reliability, strength and safety with no limits, from the pole to the equator. Light Up Orbit is a diamond made of steel. ​

Ceiling, wall and floor-mounted offering an explosion of optics for an orchestra of light.

Lighting Effects

Application imagery for Light Up Orbit - body in stainless steel / all glass flush mounted

Product Details

  • Floor/ground-mounted recessed luminaire intended for use with LED light sources. Comprises body and frame casing.
  • Body in AISI 304 stainless steel with safety glass flush with the floor and black screen printing; A2 stainless steel cable gland complete with output power supply cable type.2x1mm².
  • The cable is provided with IP68 anti-transpiration device.
  • Casing in polypropylene plastic complete with AISI 304 stainless steel ring, to be ordered separately.
  • Optics with plastic lenses or reflectors.
  • Safe. low voltage power supply at constant current (350/500/700mA depending on the type of specific recessed luminaires) to be ordered separately.
  • Static load resistance 2000 Kg using frame casing to be ordered separately.
  • Roll-over product in accordance with EN 60598-2-13 (torsion strength and shear load tests).
  • The luminaires cannot be used in lanes where they are subjected to horizontal stresses caused by acceleration, braking and/or changes of direction.
  • Compact dimensions of the luminaire (<100mm) IP68 protection for product and cable alike using IP68 connectors.
  • The product is not considered suitable for installation in swimming pools and fountains.

Reliability Tests

The tests evaluate the corrosion resistance of the new coating obtained with PVD technology (Physical Vapor Deposition).
The results obtained from the Tests demonstrate an excellent resistance of the chosen finishes, thanks to the coating obtained with PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) technology which gives surface hardness and aesthetic value.


Colours available for Light Up Orbit - body in stainless steel / all glass flush mounted

  • 04 Black
  • 13 Steel

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5 year product warranty included

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