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Linealuce Mini 27R surface

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Product Details

  • Luminaire intended for use with monochromatic, RGBW, Tunable White and Tunable Warm LED.
  • Ceiling, wall, surface installation.
  • Extruded aluminium body and flush end caps in die-cast zamak.
  • Liquid acrylic paint ensures high resistance to atmospheric agents and UV rays.
  • Optical compartment closed at the top by a 5mm thick transparent glass screen secured with silicone.
  • 4 optics types available: Wall Grazing, Wall Grazing with Microlouvre, Accent and Flood Light and No Dot.
  • Wall Grazing optics: Wall Grazing Spot (WGS), Wall Grazing Medium (WGM), Wall Grazing Wide Flood (WGWF).
  • Wall Grazing with Microlouvre optics: Wall Grazing Spot (WGS), Wall Grazing Medium (WGM), Wall Grazing Wide Flood (WGWF).
  • Accent and Flood Light optics: Flood (F) e Wide Flood (WF).
  • No-Dot optics: Wall-Grazing (WG) e General Light (GL).
  • 4 colour temperatures:  2200K, 2700K, 3000K, 4000K.
  • 2 RGBW versions: RGBW (W=3000K); RGBW (W=4000K).
  • 2 Tunable White versions: TW (2700K - 3000K - 4000K); Tunable Warm (2200K - 2700K - 3000K).
  • Power supply and driver are not included.
  • IP66 - IK06.
  • All external screws used are in A2 stainless steel.

Colours available for Linealuce Mini 27R surface

  • 01 White
  • 04 Black
  • 15 Grey
  • F5 Rust brown

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5 year product warranty included

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Linealuce Mini 27R

Linealuce Mini 27R

High Performance Linear System

Linealuce evolves with a new high performance miniaturized version, designed for total integration in architectural spaces. Patented triple optical technology to shape light for any application. Internal and external accessories offer maximum comfort and personalized light distribution. Wall, surface and pendant installation.