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Lighthinking Space

Between 2022 and 2023, APML Architetti was commissioned to refurbish the third floor of the building designed by Mario Cucinella as iGuzzini's headquarters and originally reserved for executive offices.
This area has since become Lighthinking Space, a name chosen through an internal company survey to describe an area that is designed for socializing and working but also seeks to convey the concepts of transparency, inclusion, and sharing and is therefore open to the entire iGuzzini community.
Lighthinking Space is designed to be a place that can satisfy people's professional needs and well-being. It is also an area that tells the story of a new corporate vision in which the company's historic lighting vocation evolves to create products that are suitable for living contexts too.
This 400 sqm multifunctional space is available for organising meetings, conducting teamwork, following a course, enjoying a fun and relaxing break with colleagues, or simply spending a moment to concentrate and find inspiration by leafing through a book or magazine.
There are, in fact, 5 theme areas: Beauty, Humanity, Innovation, Integrity, Openness. Each of these has its own corporate value and is identified by a specific colour, which is repeated on furnishings and fittings.

All the islands are equipped with monitors, and lounge and conversation corners alternate with a presentation room, a meeting room with an audio-video system and interactive whiteboard, 2 kitchenettes and a library/newspaper area with publications that can also be borrowed. These include architecture, design and art magazines and books, as well as volumes dedicated to personal training, novels - in English too - and children's books. The entire area can accommodate up to 50 people at the same time.
The values are recounted on double-face panels, which also depict 5 great masters of design and architecture with one of the products they designed for the company, namely: Gae Aulenti (Cestello), Michele De Lucchi (Venaria), Renzo Piano (Le Perroquet), Gio Ponti (Polsino) and Jean Michel Wilmotte (Linealuce).
With its plants, colourful furnishings, and multimedia technologies, Lighthinking Space is a living place in which light, air quality, and acoustic comfort all promote people’s well-being. It is an approach that develops the solutions implemented in the 1998 building designed by Mario Cucinella Architects, that had already applied environmental principles such as natural lighting, temperature modulation, and reduced energy consumption 25 years ago.
Lighthinking Space is an exemplary sustainability-focused lighting project. In fact, all the luminaires installed are equipped with light intensity and motion sensors to adjust switch-ons and dimming in relation to the existing amount of natural light. Organic Response technology detects occupancy data simply and intuitively, so assessments can be made regarding which areas are busy and when. This allows the artificial lighting to self-adjust intelligently according to the natural light and the effective use of the space in question.
The presence of beacons, on the other hand, allows useful information to be sent to visitors via push notifications (text and/or voice messages) by means of the Jiminy app that works with all iGuzzini Bluetooth products. Both occupancy detection and Jiminy use cloud technology, which offers the huge benefit of allowing data to be viewed and managed remotely. Diffused lighting is provided by miniaturised Laser Blade XS High Contrast luminaires installed on Superrail tracks with Palco spotlights creating accent lighting, and the vegetation is enhanced by Underscore InOut luminaires positioned inside the pots. Sound-absorbent panels and sound-absorbing Light Shed luminaires further enhance environmental conditions by ensuring a high level of acoustic comfort.

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  • Year
  • Client
    iGuzzini illuminazione
  • Architectural project:
    Ampl - Architetti Pedron /La Tegola
  • Lighting project:
    Ampl - Architetti Pedron /La Tegola
  • Photographer
    Alessandra Chemollo

Project Quote

"This project represents iGuzzini's commitment to be increasingly a place of inclusion and collaboration. All its interior choices help to highlight a transformation towards concepts of openness, transparency and transversality. Its goal is to make the people who work in and with the company feel good and increase their sense of belonging."

Alessandro Pedron, APML Architetti

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