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Pur - Impur Restaurant

Right at the heart of Barcelona, in a small alleyway off the Rambla Cataluña, we can find a new restaurant which opens up two worlds to its guests: the Pur restaurant, where a culinary concept based on purity is celebrated, and the Impur commercial space, on the lower floor with an informal cocktail bar taking centre stage.

This is the most recent venture by the chef Nandu Jubany in Barcelona, designed by Lagranja Design with lighting by the reMM Lighting Design studio: the lighting turns the spotlight on a food and sensorial experience revolving around product authenticity.

The clean-cut, harmonious layout, quality materials and hand-crafted processes favoured by Lagranja Design come together perfectly with the ingredients, flavours and essential aromas of Jubany's culinary art.

reMM studio's lighting project adopted lighting solutions that highlight both the key elements of Lagranja's design and the quality of the materials used, and the areas where the dishes and cocktails devised by Jubany are prepared, presented and enjoyed.

The reMM studio used small elements when working in this space with its vaulted ceilings and exuberant internal design, with highly controlled optics and excellent reproduction of colours: with this in mind, LED equipment with colour temperatures of 2700K and IRC90 or higher were used, as well as different kinds of optics to meet both high precision demands as well as wider, more homogeneous lighting.

The ensuing result is a full appreciation of the quality of materials and food and provides visitors with a holistically sensorial experience. One particular challenge is linked to the 200 chalk prints produced by the Lagranja Design atelier achieved using fresh produce, on show in the internal glass patio and in the access area, and lit with accent lighting, like in a natural history museum, thanks to the Palco projectors on LV track and the fact that they are very small in size (Ø19). The same equipment, but in the 51 mm diameter version, illuminates the tables and work surfaces produced in quality materials, from which the essential aspect of the dishes prepared by Nandu Jubany is further exalted. The Laser range recesses with low lighting and optics that are better suited to each application have been selected to light the bar area, circulation areas and toilets.

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  • Year
  • Client
    Nandu Jubany
  • Lighting project:
    reMM Lighting Design
  • Project:
    Lagranja Design for Companies and Friends
  • Photographer

Project Quote

"The lighting subscribes to the same criteria of integrity and transparency on which Nandu Jubany's cooking is based and the design by Lagranja Design. The light is pure and sharp: on the one hand, it provides a vivid interpretation of the culinary elements and design, while on the other, it runs embracingly through the space, compensating, where necessary, for the lack of natural light, and perceptively simulating its variations and effects."

Michela Mezzavilla, reMM Lighting Design

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