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The Mardan Palace Hotel

The hotel is built on the splendid Mediterranean coast of Southern Turkey, occupying a total area of 180,000 m². It is divided into wings: the Anatolian Wing, with 225 rooms - the most remarkable feature here provided by decorations in the traditional Ottoman style; the European Wing, featuring a post-modern design proclaiming simplicity, in all of the 203 rooms; and the Dolmabahce Wing, a block of 88 rooms furnished with the most luxurious pieces imaginable. The wings stand along three sides of a pool recalling the Bosphorus, straddled by a bridge based on 16th century drawings by Leonardo da Vinci for the Galata bridge, which was never built. The outer façades of the three wings are illuminated using cold cathode lighting: elsewhere, all of the hospitality lighting installation is specified with iGuzzini fixtures. Uplighting on the columns is provided by Kriss and Yota fixtures and by recessed Light Up units; the towers are lit by MaxiWoody floods; the bridge walkway is illuminated using Led sources, whilst Radius and Platea were selected for the Dolmabahçe door and the boat moorings. 64 Euclide fixtures are installed around the pool. The decorative pool on the entrance side is illuminated by Led Glim Cube units; the steps leading up to the entrance are lit by recessed Led sources, and the statues around the pool by Woody fixtures. Delphi lighting systems are used for the car park.

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  • Year
  • Client
    Telman Ismailov, AST 1989 Group
  • Project management:
    Hüseyin Davutoglu
  • Photos:
    AST 1989 Group – Halkla Iliskiler
  • Photographer
    AST 1989 Group – Halkla Iliskiler