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The new E terminal of the Leonardo da Vinci airport

The new E terminal for non-Schengen departures from the “Leonardo da Vinci” airport is a large-scale extension project. It includes various amenities for travellers spread over 4 floors, plus 2 floors of technical facilities and a 250 x 60 metre gallery with a shopping area featuring prestigious Italian brand stores, over 10 restaurants and 22 new departure gates.

Opened in December 2016, the terminal will allow the airport to welcome 6 million more passengers a year. The interiors of the new structure are characterised by a long skylight that runs the whole length of the roof. Widening and narrowing, this transparent gash rises up into a huge glass dome when it reaches the boarding dock area. Creating a comfortable lighting scenario that met the requirements of this special location was a real challenge, especially considering the structural and architectural limits involved. At the same time, though, the research conducted to find the most effective and functional solution was extremely stimulating. The skylight is a highly dynamic feature. As well as offering a pleasant view of the changing nature of the sky, it also provides an abundance of natural illumination during the day. It did, however, create considerable technical difficulties regarding the lighting at night.

Firstly, devices could only be installed between the ridges of the undulating ceiling at a height of about 15 metres and secondly, they could not be attached to the central skylight at all, and at one point this area is no less than 13 metres wide. After close consultation with the architecture and engineering studios, a solution was reached that has involved installing tracks in the spaces between the undulating ridges of the ceiling and using a series of Front Light luminaires with the ones near the skylight aimed at the centre of the terminal so they illuminate the part of the floor under the glass roof. In order to follow the curves in the ceiling and allow the floodlights to be installed in a straight line, one or two metre long tracks were used. The spaces located under the huge glass bubble of the dome include a bar and a number of relaxation areas, all lit with LED Maxiwoody luminaires installed on one of the structural beams. In some areas of the skylight, small body ceiling-mounted iRoll luminaires have been installed to guarantee direct lighting on the areas below, whereas a number of large body RGBW iRolls have been installed in the docking bay to create coloured light effects. A 4000 K Neutral White colour temperature was chosen here, and it is kept even and consistent throughout the different spaces. On the lower floors Underscore luminaires have been installed comprehensively, but in different ways, to provide the right level of lighting in transit areas while also decorating the ceilings and creating a sense of movement with tasteful lines of light. Last, but not least, Reflex C.o.B recessed luminaires provide further light intensity for the comfort of travellers on the walkways to the departure gates.

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  • Year
  • Client
    ADR Aeroporti di Roma Spa
  • Architectural project:
    SPEA Engineering, Studio Muzi, Biggi Guerini & Partners
  • Photographer
    Luca Petrucci

Project Quote

"The design, planning, construction and organisation are all "Made in Italy". This is a demonstration of what this country is capable of"

Ugo De Carolis. AD Aeroporti di Roma

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