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The Voyage

‘The Voyage’ is an urban project launched by the Liverpool City Council to enhance the area in front of the Cunard Building, a Grade II* rated building due to its historical and artistic significance for the United Kingdom. In fact, the trio of the Cunard building, the Royal Liver Building, and the Port of Liverpool Building, are known as the ‘Three Graces’ as they adorn the Pier Head, which were added to the Unesco List of World Heritage Sites in 2004, along with five other Liverpool Maritime Mercantile City locations.

An important part of the urban fabric of the city’s mercantile history, this area, including the Cunard Building and the entire waterfront was abandoned for many years. This is why Amey Consulting opted to regenerate it with a project that highlights the style of the original buildings. The aim was to preserve the history of the Cunard Line – a prestigious British shipping company founded in 1838 that had these head offices built in 1918 – while creating an architectural space that would also blend with the style and materials of the modern city.

Two companies, BCA Landscape and Smiling Wolf, came together to redesign the pavements, green areas and urban furniture. This included a new lighting system that would help people enjoy the area and enhance its original seating, known as ‘The Voyage’. Built from 50 meters of solid granite, these long seating lines feature a series of engravings and bronze illustrations and lettering that tell the epic two-century-long story of the Cunard Line. The lighting system designed by Amey with the help of BCA Landscape, reproduces in its minimalist contours, the rhythm of the surrounding buildings and returns a human dimension to the setting with its interplay of light and shade. A series of Linealuce recessed luminaires with Wall Washer-effect Neutral White LED lamps is located along the square’s western perimeter to illuminate the stone blocks of the balustrade with a grazing light. Beams of homogeneous Linealuce light crown the tops of the trees, turning them into living sculptures, while Underscore InOut luminaires illuminate the perimeter of ‘The Voyage’ with continuous, even, shadow-free light lines. Linealuce and Underscore InOut, therefore, become an integral part of the new urban space. Thanks to their extreme reliability, these luminaires guarantee constant high performance over time, even under extreme conditions, and are perfect for the city’s climate.

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  • Year
  • Client
    Liverpool City Council Amey Consulting
  • Lighting project:
    BCA Landscape
  • Landscape architecture:
    BCA Landscape
    Smiling Wolf