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Zhongshan Road

Ningbo(Yong for short)is the fourth largest port city in the world. It is also deemed to be the departure port for the “Maritime Silk Road”, being home to numerous academicians, and one of China’s Historical and Cultural Cities; it features picturesque scenery while also being a cultural melting pot. The city, comparable in size with central Italy, is home to eight million inhabitants.

To celebrate Mr. Sun Zhongshan’s achievements, the Government of Ningbo renamed the only East-West Street - “Gulou Street” - as Zhongshan Road, in 1946. Having witnessed history and being a reflection of the locals’ life stories through its pattern, which links two city central areas by one main route, Zhongshan Road is as important to Ningbo as Chang’an Street is to Beijing and Nanjing Road is to Shanghai.

The comprehensive upgrade of Zhongshan Road spanning 9.2 km – from the Century Avenue, in the east, to the motorway leading to the airport, in the west, – was initiated in February, 2015. The aim of the project was to build an elegant green corridor, a prosperous commercial road, as well as an efficient city link. It was an entire reconstruction which entailed a partial road-widening and the design of a 26m six-lane dual carriageway featuring a centre median divider, a non-motor vehicle lane and a sidewalk on each side.

Upgrading the street lighting of Zhongshan Road was the most important part of the project in terms of enhancing the road’s image at night as well as satisfying people’s requirements whilst creating a highly comfortable environment. The lighting design was primarily based on safety, technological innovation, energy saving and ease of maintenance. It has also helped enhance the overall look of the local area as the lighting design differentiates between vehicle and pedestrian areas, thereby boosting the city’s commercial appeal as well as its lively atmosphere.

The luminaires installed in the main area of Zhongshan Road have been selected in compliance with Zhongshan Road’s role as the central urban axis and with the landscape transformation of the whole area in mind, whilst meeting the lighting requirements typical to a main road. The luminaires had to be elegantly designed in line with the overall environment, being harmless to the landscape and meeting the desired image for Zhongshan Road. The lighting incorporates 12-meter high bidirectional pole-mounted adjustable Wow luminaires installed 32 meters apart on the central reservation dividing the motorway, 4-meter high double Wow 50W luminaires positioned 16 meters apart on the non-motor vehicle lanes and sidewalks, and pole-mounted Crown luminaires used for the illumination of squares and river paths.

The Wow luminaires, featuring a colour temperature of 4000 K, were installed on repositioned poles given that power levels and optics were different from those used in the previous system. The chosen multiport version of the Wow features a versatile electronic solution that allows civic authorities to easily adjust light intensity levels. The luminaires also feature Midnight Recognition, having four pre-set power-up profiles; their light flux emission can be programmed via the product driver.

The benefits of the extremely long lifespan of the LED luminaires (100,000 L80, B10) along with their practical design, guarantee extremely low maintenance, and if ever required, the process is both simple and quick. A significant reduction in maintenance costs can therefore be added to energy savings of 70%. The Crown luminaires are fitted with asymmetric optics and also incorporate the Midnight Recognition system, but have a slightly warmer colour temperature (3000 K), which is particularly effective for pedestrian areas where people meet to socialise. The project has significantly changed the quality of the lighting, noticed both by motorists, who confirmed feeling safer, and by pedestrians, who noticed an increased level of comfort and a more enjoyable atmosphere.

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    Zhongshan Road
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    Hua Zhan Wu Yun Lighting Desig
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