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Quick BLE - Bluetooth Low Energy

All Wireless DALI

Quick BLE

Quick BLE

Light becomes portable

From intelligent light to intelligent control. With Quick BLE you are able to manage indoor and outdoor devices from your smart device, and more.

LEDs and DALI technology have paved the way for the digitalisation of lighting management. Each single unit is part of a control system that defines levels of illumination, switch-on, dimming, colour temperature variation and switch-off. With the Wisilica Bluetooth-DALI interface it is now possible to manage the system directly from a smartphone using the Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) protocol and a special App developed by iGuzzini.

The BLE-WiFi interface extends management even to remote, online or smartphone control. Simple, quick, affordable and suitable for everyone: lighting control is increasingly smarter.

Product Details

  • Quick BLE uses Bluetooth Low Energy technology. It is a smart lighting management system suitable for small and medium systems alike.
  • The app works in combination with the 3 types of BLE-DALI interface (for indoor and outdoor systems alike) where standard DALI lighting devices are connected.
  • A BLE-WiFi bridge component makes it possible to manage the system by exploiting the range of action of a local Wi-Fi network or remotely through an IP address.
  • All the various programming configurations, scenarios, groups created and user profiles are saved in cloud space to ensure that a system backup is always available.

iGuzziniTo use Quick BLE, simply download the iGuzzini Smart Light 2 app available on Google Play and App Store to your smartphone / tablet.

Colours available for Quick BLE - Bluetooth Low Energy

  • 00 Indeterminate
  • 01 White
  • 04 Black

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